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Azienda Agrícola Le Macchiole is a winery that dates back to 1975, located in the city of Bolgheri, Tuscany, Italy. But it was finally founded in 1983, due to the desire of Eugenio Campolmi and Cinzia Merli, to turn their passion for wine into the dream of their life. It was a revolutionary project rooted in his hometown of Bolgheri, which at the time was not as famous as it is today.

The idea was simple but decisive: to originate in the vineyard, to fully invest in planting research and experimentation, including the least-used varieties in Bolgheri.

In 1987 the first production of Le Macchiole was bottled, although with a selection that no longer exists. Only in 1989, when Paleo Rosso was born, the first interpretation of the Bolgherese style began.

In 1990, it was crucial for the definition of the winery: it begins to raise awareness about the disposition of the land, the decision is made to introduce high-density plantations and the innovative and risky decision to produce mono-varietal wines.

From these results of work in 1994, Messorio (100% Merlot) and Scrio (100% Syrah) arrived, and followed in 2001, Paleo Rosso becomes 100% Cabernet Franc. What Eugenio had achieved was truly masterful. Today when talking about the definitive kings of the IGT, Le Macchiole must be mentioned, along with Guado al Tasso, Sassicaia and Ornellaia.

Commitment and determination, the esteem of one of the great names of the territory, when Eugenio finally began to reap the fruits of his labor in 2002.

Cinzia, his wife, takes the reins of the farm and with the help of a team of talented young people in all the roles of the business, continues the path of Eugenio.

In a few years, these personalities gave the stamp of their professionalism, skill, passion and attention to detail, from the vine to the wine. They made Le Macchiole keep its great place among the best wines of Italy. Of all these energies, Cinzia has always sought to produce wines that demonstrate their unique position, non-reproducible wines.

In 2004 Messorio achieved one of the highest scores from one of the most important critics, such as Wine Spectator, awarding him 100 points, and making him one of the two most famous Merlots in Italy along with Masseto.

Currently another of his mono-varitals, Scrio 2015, 100% Syrah, has just obtained the highest rating from the Critic James Suckling which awarded him 100 Points.

Le Macchiole has 24 hectares of vineyards, owned by the estate, organically grown. The vineyards: Vignone 1999, Puntone 1993, Casa Nuova 1998.

Viticulture is the fulcrum of all efforts at Le Macchiole.

Since its inception, the winery has been attentive and innovative in the vineyard: the first to adopt the high-density plantation and to focus on the Cabernet Franc variety suitable for the Bolgherese territory. Respect for life and the natural environment is essential: hence the decision in 2002 to manage the vines organically.

The land on which the vineyard estate thrives can be divided into two macrozones of different conformation: one of medium textured soil with an abundant structure and good presence of limestone, and the other with loamy clay with natural pH.

Through the careful study of each plot, areas were identified where to plant each variety. On the basis of the characteristics of each area, the rootstocks have been chosen with the most appropriate clones, in order to have the best possible quality every year.

Le Macchiole produces 5 wines: Paleo Bianco - Toscana IGT, Bolgheri Rosso - DOC Bolgheri, Paleo Rosso - Toscana IGT, Scrio - Toscana IGT and Messorio - Toscana IGT.

This year (2018) only 3 of its 5 wines were released:

Bolgheri Rosso 2016, a blend of 50% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah and 20% Cabernet Franc.
Paleo Rosso IGT 2014 100% Cabernet Franc.
Messorio Toscana IGT 2014 100% Merlot.


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