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An impossible meeting without the technology of today. Separated by an entire continent. United by the same crazy passion, which characterizes lovers of the Vine.
A brotherhood that was born by accident. An email intended for someone else ... A phone call that conceived a trip to meet personally.
Sharing several days between laughter, wines and talks that led those two strangers to realize that they had a lot in common.
This project started back in 2014, but was consolidated in 2017, when Enzo and Alejandro They decide to enter society, driven by the idea of exploring and bringing to Argentina wines that tell a story. From unique and remote regions. Wines of unsurpassed quality. And thus fulfill a common dream: founding an importer of wines and spirits.


Enzo Trentanove Roth


He was born in January 1981. With values of discipline, effort, dedication and sacrifice; something he learned from his parents. His basic education was carried out at the General San Martin Military Lyceum. Then, he studied the university degree in Systems Engineering, which did not finish, because it was not his vocation. Finally, he completed the career of Public Auctioneer to dedicate himself to Real Estate. All this forges Enzo, turning him into a disciplined, professional person, with a strong character, but full of kindness ...

More or less this story begins ... After his first trip to Mendoza in 2014, which until now was only a family vacation. He toured one of the most emblematic wineries in our country, and at the end of his 10-day trip, he had toured more than 15 wineries, tasting their wines and learning about the process from growing the vine to marketing the wine.

He had the opportunity to meet many suitable people on the subject and other highly specialized people who were able to transmit his passion to him, and which would later become his too ... That trip was a before and after in Enzo's life.

At that time he was absolutely dedicated to what was his profession for 10 years, the world of Real Estate. But in him, that seed of curiosity of wanting to know more and more about the world of wine was growing ...

Behold, when you decide to change your course ... You realize that success is useless, but you do what you love. Discover his true passion. It was love at first sight. He began to delve into the culture of the fermented grape. Tasting, traveling, learning, making friends with Winemakers, amateurs, chefs and sommeliers. Enzo found his identity and his vocation.

He started by getting acquainted with the wines of Argentina and his curiosity led him to want to know a little more about wines from other parts of the world. He started exploring and was able to notice the lack of local options to get to know them. This led him to study the market, inquiring with certain consumers who love good wine, to find out which were the wines from other countries of interest to him.
During the first two years, he began to bring to the country certain labels of some of the most recognized wines in the world to see the reaction of the local market; and thus evaluate the possibility of opening a path that was not yet developed in our country.
This is how it is born International Wine & More ...

Import Director

Alejandro Zaldumbide

From a young age, Alejandro lived exposed to the art of good eating and drinking, thanks to the influence of his parents. His first high-level culinary adventure was at age 6, when his parents take him to celebrate his anniversary at Valentino, one of the most iconic restaurants in the city of Los Angeles in the 1980s and 1990s. After trying Crab cakes the first time, nothing was the same. A door opened that was never closed again. Love of good food.

The love for wine began a couple of years later, when his father tasted small amounts of wine, explaining the process of it, asking what he was finding on the nose and in the mouth. Little by little, he was discovering aromas and flavors. He learned that wine has a life of its own and that no glass tastes the same. Years later, he decides to study creative writing. Not convinced with this career, he decided to study cooking at the prestigious Le Cordón Blu school in Hollywood, California. After graduating, she excels at hotels and caterers, working at events for celebrities and important political figures.

Despite the love of cooking, she still felt a void. The one of the wine, and it is here when he decides to start working in the world of the distribution of wines and spirits. In his more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Alejandro received numerous certifications, from major schools such as The Court of Master Sommelier and the WSET school in London. Along the way, he has forged deep friendships with some of the world's best winemakers and winemakers from the world's major wine regions.

Copper Cane Wines

Belle Glos

  • Harvest 2016
  • Santa Maria Valley
  • Santa Barbara County - California

Pinot noir

Paleo Bottle_InPixio

Cabernet Franc

Le macchiole

Paleo Rosso

  • Harvets 2014
  • Bolgheri
  • IGT Toscana - Italy

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