What we do

We import wines with soul, identity, and unmatched quality into Argentina; that represents the territory of their respective areas. Wines from the most important wine regions of the world, from renowned producers and highly affected by the main critics and journalists in the industry.


We offer the Argentine consumer the possibility of delving into the world of foreign wines, something that happens in the main countries. Have at your fingertips unique wines, from distant lands, that tell a story in each bottle.


And so, after endless trips and tastings in the main wine regions of America and Europe, we decided to open our portfolio, with two of the most renowned wineries in the industry: Copper Cane Wines and Provisions, one of the most relevant wineries in recent years in the great Napa Valley, in California, and Le macchiole, one of the most legendary producers in Tuscany, Italy.



  • Position ourselves in the Argentine Market as the number one company in import and distribution of wines and spirits from the rest of the world.

  •  Expand our portfolio, incorporating new wineries and producers from around the world.

  • Continue to personally visit wineries in different parts of the world to make contact with their producers, learn about their products and how they work.

  • Reach the consumer with new products and at competitive costs.

  • Generate interest in consumers to know new products.

  • Create a communication network where the consumer can express which are the wineries or products of their interest and propose to join our portfolio.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Copper Cane Wines

Quilt Cabernet

  • Harvest 2015
  • 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Napa Valley - California

copper Cane Wines


  • Harvest 2016
  • Russian River
  • Sonoma Cost - California

Pinot noir


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