A new concept in wine imports

An impossible meeting without the technology of today. Separated by an entire continent. United by the same crazy passion that characterizes lovers of the Vine.
A brotherhood that was born by accident. An email intended for someone else ... A phone call that conceived a trip to meet personally.
Sharing several days between laughter, wines and talks that led those two strangers to realize that they had a lot in common.
This project started back in 2014, but was consolidated in 2017, when Enzo and Alejandro They decide to enter society, driven by the idea of exploring and bringing to Argentina wines from unique and remote regions, which tell a story, wines of unsurpassed quality. And Fulfill like this, a common dream: to found an importer of wines and spirits.

SINCE 2014

Sharing Wines

What we love to do ...

We import wines with soul, identity, and unmatched quality into Argentina; that represent the terroir of their respective areas. Wines from the most important wine regions of the world, from renowned producers and highly considered by the main critics and journalists in the industry. We offer the Argentine consumer the possibility of delving into the world of foreign wines, something that happens in the main countries. Have at your fingertips unique wines, from distant lands, that tell a story in each bottle.




Cabernet Sauvignon




Cabernet Franc

Le macchiole

Bolgheri Rosso

  • Harvest 2016
  • Red Blend
  • Italy, Tuscany

Copper Cane Wines

Quilt Chardonnay

  • Harvest 2016
  • White wine
  • United States, California


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Wines with Soul, Origin and Identity. High-end wines, which tell a story in each bottle. All in the same place.

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